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Ladbrokes casino launches mobile updates

Ladbrokes casino made a successful transition from traditional gambling to online gaming and it now serves customers from dozens of countries. They were among the Capture decran 2014-10-20 a 09.04.41first to recognize the importance of convenience in gambling and have been constantly trying to keep their technology up to date.

Recently, the announced that the mobile division will benefit from the implementation of new features, Ladbrokes and William hill casino with most of them being created in-house, by the Innovation Lab.

The launch of the mobile updates will benefit both Apple users and those who run systems on android or Windows OS. The apps will be brought up to date and the use of HMTL5 will greatly simplify the mission of those who use the sports book to place online wagers.

Customers can now enjoy the convenience of depositing with PayPal, one of the most popular electronic wallets and they can wager in real time on any live games.

Those who use Blackberry and Windows devices will also get to use the Mobenga platform and services. The first improvements were announced in late 2013 and a few of them rolled out in December and are expected to continue until the end of the year.

The mobile division has been growing at an accelerated pace and there are four new applications, plus 25 features to explore.

In order to guarantee the success of these changes, Ladbrokes ran a comprehensive campaign of surveys, trying to find out what customers need. Members can now benefit from auto login and personalized services that allow them to start the page and make quick deposits.

Live streaming is also a very popular feature that has been tweaked to work on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

This online casino is powered by Playtech gaming products which is great news for prospective customers, because this is the be the software developer.

The benefits of the new features were self evident during the World Cup, when the number of customers surged to new highs. Ladbrokes Director of Mobile and Devices, Andrew Bagguley, shared his opinion on this topic and his conclusions are optimistic.

The company will continue to develop the mobile section is for all its gaming products, including sports betting, poker and online casino games.

The objective is to speed up the process, provide members with instant access to better services and run a system that is compatible with all operating systems. The partnership with Microsoft has already ensured the fact that customers will enjoy state-of-the-art service when using Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11.

More about Ladbrokes casino : http://casino.ladbrokes.com/en/