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Guinness World Record winner at Dhoze Casino

Online casino players who have been around for long enough, don’t expect to be surprised by anything that the gambling operators could throw at them. dhozelogoIt is hard to dismiss their concerns as the relevant, because modern casinos have a hard time coming up with new concepts.

Whenever they hit an important milestone, they go to great lengths to spread the news and sometimes even brag about their achievements.

It goes without saying that having a winner that is included in the Guinness World Record is the kind of accomplishment worth talking about. Dhoze Casino has plenty of games that its members with regard as working to feature in this compendium of records. Interesting enough, it was not a game per se that brought the Guinness World Record into conversation, but the amount won by a player.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot was always expected to be the one to make a millionaire, who success will surpassed all the previous records. The popularity of this game has a two-pronged effect, on one hand bringing more players into the fray, on the other he got the jackpot progression. The jackpot was won at the beginning of 2015, so the year started as everyone predicted, but then things changed radically.

Four consecutive months, nobody was able to win the first prize and as a result the jackpot was rolled over several times. Dhoze Casino players were among the lucky ones who had unrestricted access to this game and could play it on mobile devices as well. When they realize that the jackpot exceeding €10 million, their interest increased at the same rate and their peers from other online casinos joined them.

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The forecasts indicated that by mid-2015, someone would hit the winning combination and claim the prize, but surprising enough this didn’t happen. This is how it was possible that by October, the jackpot surged beyond €17 million and the sky was the limit. A Cheshire soldier decided to put his luck to the test and play the best paying slot machine in the world and didn’t hesitate to make a €25 bet. By online casino standards, such an investment is regarded as pretty high, but the potential rewards were worth the risk.

In this case, the bet resulted in a life-changing amount and after the thorough approval process was complete, the payment was made. Other Dhoze Casino won smaller prizes while playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, as the game has other jackpots besides the main one. Obviously, they won’t be included in the Guinness world records, but for the winners, this makes little difference because money is all that matters.

The press release celebrating the success of the Cheshire soldier made the headlines, but it would be unfair to forget about the achievement of countless of other players. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is very likely to make more millionaires in 2016 and if a Dhoze Casino will make history, you can expect to hear his success story here.