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Finally a universe for breakdancers

7445558956 c06cd1bffc oStreet art, dance sport, arts, ... are the terms we use to define the breakdance which remains relatively unknown to the public. To promote bboymap.com was opened, b-boying.

Its mission?

The site provides:

  • In the crews to be known by registering their names and the groups and being on the interactive maps
  • To the organizers and managers to discover new talents and to organize new tournaments
  • For fans out to meet the b-boys and b-girls, breakdance by looking cards
  • In dejays and groups to publish their new compositions and so finding interest groups through their work, street art

His main interests?

In each country there are breakdancers who sometimes do not even know. To get in touch and allow them to share their passion, the site wanted a place to put them. A place where they could know where they could discuss, even if they are thousands of miles between them. Because the important thing is to communicate, it has helped a great step towards this step.
The site also publishes events on b-boying, either tournaments or simple competition to inform and stir concerned.

Bboymap.com : A cosmopolitan community

Although breakdancing was born in New York, today, is found in several countries. Of the France through Peru or New Zealand, b-boys and b-girls are all over the United States and ready to impress us. In this sense, the dancers come from all nationalities and each group has its own techniques to stand out. Join bboymap.com is the assurance of being part of a cosmopolitan community and hope to learn new steps in different cultures.